Payam Avaran Hamyari(Chatra) a Non Profit- Non Governmental Organization (NGO), was established in March 2006 under a license from Welfare Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of harm reduction. The specific focus of chatra is prevention of HIV and AIDS transmission throughout the country. Payam Avaran Hamyari envision a world in which all affected individuals are able to access to HIV testing believe that PLHIV should have the ability to live as normal of a life as possible, absent daily experience of discrimination or carrying the weight of an associated stigma because of their HIV status, while simultaneously benefitting from professional care and treatment. We believe in a world in which individuals and communities can benefit from drug, programs and activities to promote health, dignity and human rights. We work together to reduce drug related harm by basing our work on public health programs and policies with regard to integrated approaches which respect dignity and human rights including the delivery of harm reduction services, analysis, research and advocacy as well as the empowerment of peers, clients and locals. We are going to reach several goals: - Ensure that the center has provided services to make sure more individuals have access to HIV testing. - Raise awareness of people who practice high risk behaviors as well as the general public about HIV and AIDS. - Ensure that the center has full reach to include all people in the defined area who are intravenous drug abusers (Out Reach). - Promote and facilitate referral of substance abusers to primary health services, primary mental health and harm reduction services. - Increase activities to reduce stigma and discrimination against drug abusers. - Collect and dispose properly of discarded supplies (syringes/needles)to reduce the risk HIV being transmitted to others.